FAU-G Game Download | News Update & Leaks

FAU-G is a Multiplayer Battle Royle Game developing by nCore Games, presented by Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar. This game’s fundamental objective is to support India’s Honorable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi “Atmanirbhar Bharat”

As everyone knows, the Indian government has completely banned the Chinese gaming app PUBG. The app has also removed from the Google Play Store. Now no one in India will be able to access the game because India’s Government has crashed all servers present in India. But there is no need to worry, friends, and there is excellent news for you, which is more than PUBG.

The name of the game coming soon in exchange for this gaming app is FAU-G (Fearless And United Guards). The game will entirely be Make in India. This game developed keeping this campaign in mind, Self-Sufficient India and Vocal For Local of the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi.

FAU-G Game Official Trailer

The FAU-G Official Trailer of this game has released on YouTube, becoming more viral in Social Media. So we provided that video for you below.

FAU-G Game Release Date in India

After two days of being a PUBG Game band, The Indian “nCORE Games” company has announced that a new game is coming out called FAU-G. Also said, the game of India will be brought to the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” campaign. It learned from the sources that this game could release at the end of November month.

What is FAU-G Game

Fearless And United Guards (FAU-G) will be an online multiplayer battle royale game in developing mode and should be published by nCore Games. Bollywood Actor Akshay Kumar presents this game, and he has also declared that 20% of earning from this game will be donated in trust. India’s Different Battlefield is creating this game. We will get to know how the Indian Army fights and what the situation is on the Battlefield in actuals through this game.

Faug Game - LOGO
Faug Game - ncore games logo
Faug Game - Poster coming soon on google playstore


We have come to know from an interview of these game makers that “Our FAU-G is no way trying to copy or mimic PUBG.” The name of this game is similar to PUBG, but it will not be like that. It will be a different game.

The game will release on multiple levels. Level One of this game will release at the end of October. It will be a Single Player Story Mod like we see in a mode in Call of Duty. To more details, watch the video below. 

About nCore Games

nCore Games is the company that is founded by Dayanidhi MG and Vishal Gondal in 2019, developing the Game FAU-G. It’s a Bangalore based company. Mr. Dayanidhi MG is the CEO. The company’s official website is www.ncoregames.com, and the email id is [email protected]. This company has a partnership with Rovio Entertainment Corporation, which is a Finnish based company.

Why PUBG Band?

Recently The Government of India IT Ministry has discontinued some Chinis mobile app along with PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite in the country. It believed that there might be a lot of reason behind this. For the last few months, India’s relationship with China is not doing well. In the meantime, 20 Indian soldiers have become enamored by the Chinese Military.

Though this game is not made in China, the Stake of China is on this game. So, Playing PUBG means indirectly making a profit for China. Speak of the earnings that China makes from India, buy weapons, and uses them against India. On the other hand, it is the policy of the China government that a company that does business in China has to share its data with China Govt.

Because of all these things, the Government of India took this decision.

Final Word

It is learned from the sources that the FAU-G Game, which is going to release, will start with a single MAP, and its Mission name will be Galwan Ghati. Initially, this map may be small, but it will become even better when its updates start coming day by day.

You can play it with an average smartphone in the beginning period, but when the update starts coming, and the game size gets bigger, then a High-end Mobile may be needed to play this game.

It is believed that when this game is released, its size will be between 500 MB to 1GB. If you have a mobile with 4GB RAM, you don’t need to worry; you can play it comfortably lag-free.

When this game releases, then how it delivers the gaming experience to the user is the biggest actor. Because we have got used to the PUBG Mobile game, team nCore should pay attention to improve the game.

Since it is an Indian gaming company, then we will have to give some time for improvement. Have to stay in the game and will have to provide feedback from time to time the company. Now how long this game can be seen in the Google play store.


What is the FAU-G Full Form?

The full form of FAU-G is Fearless And United Guards.

Special sources have revealed that the game may release in the end of November.

According to the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, he has said that this game will be less than 1GB.

Like PUBG it will not have a lot of maps. In the beginning, it will be a single map in the game and its name will be Galwan Ghati.

Fearless And United Guards (FAU-G) is made or developing by nCore Game. It is an Indian Company which is Head Office is Bangalore.

According to Akshay Kumar, he has said that not all the features of this game will be like PUBG, some different advance features will remain here which is completely different from PUBG.

No official website exists in the name of FAU-G. The company that developing the game is named nCore Games. It’s official website is https://www.ncoregames.com/